Shift offline Business to Online Business : Join Bazar Ways For expanding business & customer base

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Shift offline Business to Online Business : Join Bazar Ways For expanding business & customer base ;-

  • Few decades back , People used to go the crowded markets and shops, whenever they wanted to buy something .They used to give their efforts and time to do shopping .But due to several factors, People are becoming so busier now a days, increasingly the Online shopping has become a trend now a days .Now  People prefer to order from the comfort of their homes or offices which save their time and efforts as well.
  • Over the past decade global e-commerce has been expanding at an average rate of 20% per year. The world’s biggest consumer market, America  made up its share  about 10% of the total retail trade. And in many countries with middle –income, its share was less than 5% in India. But there are many reason to think that it will grow much more.
  • There is no doubt that e-commerce has much further to go. What is less clear is how far and how fast it will rise, where it will do best, and how great its impact will be.
  • E-commerce Marketplace For Buy & Sell everything !!
  • The economy and society of a country is largely  affected by Manufacturing, retailing, wholeselleing, dealing, supply, and similar activities involving buying and selling of any product /services., in so many ways. And these are the biggest private employers for job seekers.


  • The Biggest E-commerce giants Amazon and Ali baba from America and China respectively are dealing with all aspects and broader implications, these industry’s are two most innovative companies, They do not define themselves as retailers at all. Do you know  Amazon not only sells goods but also it leases cargo planes, produces films and offers a voice assistant, Alexa and what not. Even Ali baba’s business is even broader than Amazon’s including not just shopping, entertainment and cloud computing but payments and social media as well. They generate innumerous of data which can be used to improve their existing services and add more.


  • Similarly, Bazarways has started It’s venture to provide a platform to Manufactures, retailers, wholesellers, dealers, suppliers, freelancers, buyers and, sellers  to involve in  buying and selling of any product /services. And here “We are trying to provide an infrastructure for E -commerce.”
  • Bazarways Consumers are enjoying a broader choice of goods/services and more price transparency & contact detailes than ever before. Instead of spending time travelling to shops, giving efforts in picking up goods and waiting in queues, they can now focus on other things. Now offline business can sift to online platform – bazarways and they can start competing to other business, expand their business & customers base too &

Provide them better products, greater convenience and improved service. 

Writer ;

Shivangi Goswami     

Shift offline Business to Online Business : Join Bazar Ways For expanding business, sales & customer base