Ways to earn money with bazarways without any investment.

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Ways to earn money with bazarways without any investment.

Many traditional retail jobs and business has vanished as in this difficult time most of the businesses/ shops got closed and business organization are firing its employees or giving half of salary. So we also providing some ways to earn money. You can earn money through bazarways in following manners.

Start Business with Zero Investment

How to get freelancer work / home based work as own business startup with zero investment?

You can jon by free REGISTRATION at www.bazarways.com

  1. Firstly, understand concept of bazarways to start.
  2. Bazarways is a free classified business marketplace platform. Where buyers & sellers can view each other’s contact details to contact directly through Mobile call, Whatsapp, Email, SMS or registered address for business deal.
  3. Get yourself registered with free membership at bazarways.
  4. Contact party - manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, dealers, retailers and individuals, by door step visit with visiting card or  via social media (like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Intagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, Emails or mobile phone calls ) .

You have to explain the party about bazarways while contacting them, like :-

  1. Party can get a free online shop space by moving their offline business to online business marketplace.
  2. Party can add unlimited products by using “post free ad” tab.
  3. Party can access unlimited contact details free of cost.
  4. Party has the ability to modify or delete posted products.
  5. Online posted products may increase their working area.
  6. Customers can view online party’s products and contact details to contact them.
  7. By adding online products, party may get more increased sale, more increased customers by Online increased working area to deal as offline business.
  8. Nothing for expense to open online shop and add their products, just use their free time to boost up their own business to get more success. 

Freelancer home based earning work and own business startup with zero investment by offering party, like:- 

1> You can collect business advertisement to show at Bazarways.com & get instant 50% of collected amount, rest 50 % to be sent bazarways.

2> You can ask party for updating their products online at bazarways.com by your weekly or monthly visit, for some hours to the party office and take some money from party for your visit. This collected amount will be 100% yours. This amount may be either monthly or per visit or per product basis as you decide with party.

3> Ask party,”if I provide customers for your business then how much you will pay me?”. If party agrees to pay then you have to start your own work like:-

  1. Get full details of party products, price and photo of those products.
  2. Now you have to add all these products with your contact details at Bazarways.
  3. By adding all these products, your own online shop will be opened at bazarways free of cost.
  4. Online customers will see your added products and contact you directly to deal with you.
  5. If customers contact you then you can provide customers to your parties.
  6. If you can make a successful deal between your customers and your party then you will get a huge amount. This earned 100% amount will be yours. 
For example: -

You have posted a property advertisement at bazarways of your party then your earning will be as follows : - 

Property for sale of Price Rs. 30,00,000/=

( Price may be different which might affect your earning ) 

  1. Your earning will be 2% commission of Rs. 30,00,000.00 that is Rs. 60,000.00 from seller. 
  1. Your earning will be 2% commission of Rs. 30,00,000.00 that is Rs. 60,000.00 From Buyers. 
  1. Total Earning from Buyers + Sellers = 60,000.00+60,000.00

         Total Earning . 1,20,000.00 

Property for Rent Rs. 20,000.00/month

( Price may be different which might affect your earning ) 

  1. Your earning will be one month rent or 15 days rent (as commission) of starting from property owner is Rs. 20,000.00 or Rs. 10,000.00 
  1. Your earning of one month or 15 days rent (commission) from tenant will be Rs. 20,000.00 or Rs. 10,000.00 respectively. 
  1. Total earning from property owner + tenant will be Rs. 40,000.00 or 20,000.00 respectively. 

‘This is just an example. You can contact builders, property dealers to get more products details, more customers, more successful deal, earn more, like this you can contact any trade’s wholesalers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors or individuals, anywhere in India. 

Note: You have to be honest with your customers and parties to grow your strong business background otherwise you can’t succeed in this field. If you have misled with you customer or party, you will be liable. Bazarways is not liable for our members behavior and action. 


Ways to earn money with bazarways without any investment.