Give or Get Jobs

Jobs posting by an employer to hire jobs seekers !!

You can Become Employer by free REGISTERATION

How can employer advertise for job vacancy?

Get your company registered for free to be a member of bazarways. .Thereafter you will be eligible to post advertisement for a job vacancy in your company/firm etc. in the following manner:

  1. Go to “post free ad” tab.
  2. Fill the entire form as an employer.
  3. Update vacancy.                                 

How can job seeker find jobs ?

You can Become Job seeker by free REGISTERATION

  1. Get yourself registered as job seeker at Bazarways.
  2. Go to “search” bar
  3. Click to “select category” Option
  4. Select “jobs” option
  5. Click on “search” tab in green color
  6. Refine/filter search as per your requirement from left hand side.

Contact directly to employer on their contact details