Bazarways FAQ/Help

 1.What is Bazarways ?

Bazarways  is the easiest way to get contact details of buyers & sellers to buy and sell any New or Old/pre-owned/Used goods online. you can directly decide yours products price and terms & conditions  with pay and delivery to secured your transactions with other party.

2. Does Bazarways provide work from home ?

Yes, We also provide opportunity to  earn money by  work from home with business startup with zero investment and a platform for job seeker and job giver to interact.

3.How do I know if my area is serviceable by Bazarways ?

Bazar ways service is  available all over India and it’s up to the seller to deliver goods/services in your area or not , so we  allow you to confirm  directly  by contacting to buyers or sellers of products to buy and sell ( their contact details are available in site)

 4.Who can join on Bazarways ?

All Manufacturers , wholesalers, retailers, dealers, districuturs, sellers, buyers and  individuals can join to sell or buy in retail or wholesale ,used or new products.

5. How can I Join or Register on Bazarways ?

You have to open www.bazarways.com and there after click on Register in top corner  of Right hand side, than complete the open registration form with your accurate informations.

 6. How can I post free an ad or sell my product/ services here?

Look for the Post free ad button on our app or website and select the category to indicate what type of product you wish to sell. Fill in the details, upload pictures of the product and click + Post free ad.

 7. I’ve seen something I like, how can I buy it?

If you like any product or services then view it’s contact details to contact directly to seller. you  can personally begin  negotiations for price  &  terms & conditions with the seller , who can either  accept your offer or counter it. If both parties are satisfied, you can proceed to make a payment or delivery of goods as per your conditions. You have to self-secured your deal with all the parameters. Bazarways is not liable for any payment, goods quality , delivery   or frauds.

 8. Any confirmed deal with buyers and  sellers to be informed to bazarways ?

 your deal is direct so no need to inform Bazarways.

 9. How much am I being charged for Bazarways?

Nothing to be charged, our services is 100% free of cost.

10. What facilities are provided to registered person on Bazarways ?

 You can Manage your products in My Tools by Ads Manager like activate, deactivate, make feature, make un feature, edit or delete and you directly get chance to buy /sell you product / services free of cost and we also provide you opportunity to work from home and earn money with zero investment, And we also provide you opportunity to take you offline business to online platform and expand your working area free of cost.

11. Can I pick-up the product myself ?

Ask your seller for any question regarding their product/services or payment and delivery informations.

 12.How can I delete my Ad if product/item sold ?

 Once your product has been sold you can delete by logging in to your Bazarways account as follows :-

 *select My Tools Ads

 * Select Ads Manager

 * Tick [✓] in box  to delete which you want to delete.

* Select delete in drop down option

* click on Apply

your product / item deleted completed.

13. How can I upload my product/item photo ?

 By logging in to your Bazarways account as follows :-

 *select My Tools Ads

 * Select Ads Manager

* Click in box of Ads Title [✓]

* Click on Uploads option Now

* Click Here To Uploads Images (Red Button)

* Click on Add/Capture Image or video tab ( in green box) 

* Select your image from your computer/mobile/laptop and click on open                                  

* Now photo showing in green box,

* Click on Resize to set image size Width 400*Height 300

* Double Click in Width or Height Box to see image size and set by type 400*300

*After type size 400*300 click on ✓ Mark

* After click on ✓ Tick mark click on Save image now and wait till image will display between green box and steps to follow

* when image is  displayed than Click  on Close at bottom  of right hand side corner.

* Now select one default image and album image

* Now click on right hand side green button + Add/Update Ads

Your photo Successfully  uploaded.

 14- How will traders get profit? 

The merchants will have to open their account on the BAZARWAYS website, then add their merchandise to it and create an online store, online customers will look at your goods and contact you directly for direct or wholesale purchase, then your sales and Customers will start growing.

 15 - How to make money and trade without investing money?

 For this, create an account on BAZARWAYS. Think carefully about what is sold or rented around you, then negotiate with the seller or renter about how much% or (rupees) they will give you if you give them customers. If you give customers, then you will definitely get some money. 

Now the question comes from where will you get customers? For this, you will open your online shop by adding complete information about their goods like merchants on the BAZARWAYS website, by this, customers will start contacting you, then you can easily give them customers and earn money by making your business stand up easily without money. If needed, use your free time with patience and hard work for better result. If the seller is unable to manage his online shop, you can add, update their products and shop and earn more money from seller.

  16. How Find other help on Bazarways ?

  Go to our contact us section and drop your enquiry, we will respond you as soo as possible.