Become Seller

You can Become seller by free REGISTERATION

 BazarWays is providing a free of cost marketplace platform where buyers and sellers can meet directly. We are creating an Indian Business directory to expand various business. You can Join as Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Dealers, DistributorsExportersSellers & resellers with a free registration. Your online shop will be automatically opened once you add your products. You can add, modify or delete your products any time. Post free unlimited classified ads of all trades in India to add your products.

Who is a supplier/Supper?

If you have uploaded your own products on Bazarways, you are considered as a supplier for those products. It is highly recommended that you read and understand all the questions present below for suppliers.

How will I get to know when I get a Customer?

Customers will contact you directly on your registered contact details like Phone Number, E-Mail and Address.

What to do when I get an order from customers?

You have to decide how goods delivery is going to take place and payments related terms & conditions for your security. You must follow these T&C on time. If we got any complaint from customers about your products quality, delivery, refund etc., then your membership will be blocked on bazarways after 1 warning.

Return, refund and cancellation policy

This is matter of buyers and sellers agreement, so you have to take self-precautions because Bazarways is not responsible.

How to get maximum Customers from Bazarways?

Add your maximum products by posting free ads or from ‘my tools’>’ad manager’. Your products will get maximum visibility if you are a supplier. You can share your product links on social media to get more customers.

Supplier’s Benefits: -

1. Your products will be featured in Collections. Collections are shared and sold 30 times more than products.

2. Your products will be shown on priority in your product listing pages.

3. Your post free ads will get priority in visibility at bazarways.

4. You will have access to unlimited contact details.

5. You can add unlimited products.

6. You can add, modify or delete your products.

7. You will connect with buyers directly.

8. You will get 100% free services at bazarways.

Bazarways Guidelines

Keep your goods and money 100%  Safe-secured yourself.

• Pay directly to seller after checking security ground yourself.

• DO NOT give/send any goods or payments on the responsibility of the Bazarways, because you are dealing directly to party.

• Bazarways is not giving any guarantee in unfortunate cases like bad quality, damaged product, wrong product, returns, payment and refund etc.

• If a person have any complaint with buyers or sellers then please report him/her to us by sharing the name, mobile no., email id and address on We ban such people from Bazarways, if found guilty.